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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

Allen Arnold is the author of The Story of With and (coming Summer 2019) The Defeat of Chaos. His mission is to awaken the hearts of people to pursue life and art in freedom as sons and daughters of God. He regularly mentors and speaks to the larger creative community – including one of the most successful Shark Tank companies, writing conferences, and Dave Ramsey’s core marketing team.


From the mountains of Colorado, he leads Content for Ransomed Heart – a ministry founded by NYT bestselling author of Wild At Heart, John Eldredge. Before that Allen spent 20 years in Christian publishing. As the founding publisher of Thomas Nelson fiction, he oversaw the launch of more than 500 novels and received the American Christian Fiction Writers Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. He loves blue oceans, black coffee, hot salsa and big ideas.



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