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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

May 4, 2020

When vulnerability is core to your brand, what do you do with an abundance of time? You create an abundance of space. TEDx speaker, CEO of Round Table Companies and creator of the Virtual Vulnerability Wall, Corey Blake joins us for his third appearance on Influencer Networking Secrets to talk about the power of walls that talk.

Corey’s company created the Virtual Vulnerability Wall as a place people could expel their inner fear, chaos, ugliness and brokenness – to be rendered beautifully through stylized graphics and calligraphy by his graphic artistry team. The results are as gripping and gorgeous as when human beings drop the façade and take ownership for their failures – it opens the door to healing, correction and renewal.

“There’s something about letting things go, that creates psychological relief. When people return to the wall and see it as art … it shifts from something hidden to a moment of ownership.” – Corey Blake

In this episode:

  • How creating space for people to release their darkness into the light makes beauty from ashes
  • The challenge we face bringing vulnerability to a world that isn’t used to it
  • The importance of forgiving yourself when you own your behavior
  • Corey’s misinterpreted “sidelining” during COVID-19, and how you don’t need to be a nurse or truck driver to be “on the front lines”


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