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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

We’re excited to welcome Rob Kosberg, CEO of Best Seller Publishing, author of “Publish. Promote. Profit” and my personal coach and mentor, back to Influencer Networking Secrets to discuss How to Get Your Legacy in Writing.


Rob has helped thousands of entrepreneurs publish and expand their influence through his agency’s ghostwriting, PR and done-for-you publicity services. He originally appeared on the show to discuss “How to Market Yourself as An Author” and we struck up a friendship, which led to me becoming a BSP client.


In his July 2019 “Impact and Income” mastermind gathering for clients, Rob shared how written records of his family’s Russian-Jewish heritage led to the discovery of a famous relative, Soviet space engineer Simian Kosberg. Rob learned that his distant cousin was awarded the Order of Lenin for his contributions to the Space Race of the 1950s, and it led him on a journey to learn as much as he could about his family’s history through the ages. In turn, he now searches for authors, particularly among the retiring Baby Boom Generation, who want to leave a written legacy for their heirs. This heartfelt interview is sure to help you see to the heart of the matter – why this effort is so important, and also why it should not be done without help.


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