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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

Just how do you handle people’s irrational fears of a wildly exaggerated health crisis? Join a conversation between a genuine real-life mentor and mentee with Devon LeMaster, CEO of Forerunner Fabrication. Acquainted through our church’s Young Adult services, Devon impressed me with his skills as a communicator, leader and entrepreneur.

“Before you even start any kind of negotiations of human contact, you have to have a strong desire in what you do, or you’ll fizzle out.” – Devon LeMaster

In this episode:

  • Powerful internal decisions Devon makes on what he says or doesn’t say – and how you can begin to bypass people’s intellect and connect on a heart level when you speak!
  • Calculating when to make a risky observation or statement – how it can pay off for you when you have sufficient rapport and knowledge of someone’s personality
  • How to understand the goal of asking questions – why you must meet the other party in the neutral setting of connection over common ground
  • Why we cannot motivate others through negativity – the advantage of asking questions that relate to people’s values, hopes and dreams.


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