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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

May 18, 2020

Have you ever been “ghosted,” ignored or misunderstood in writing? We’re joined for this episode by a legend in his own write, Dan Kuschell of Breakthrough3X and host of the Growth to Freedom Podcast, to discuss How to Write Between the Lines.

With over 25 years of coaching and helping business owners grow and scale using compelling marketplace offers, and a strong background in direct mail copywriting, Dan knows a thing or two about getting attention. Pay attention to this successful, Radically Generous Entrepreneur as we deconstruct the poor attention to detail paid by most people in written format. This episode will reframe your entire thinking about what to write – as well as some of what NOT to write.

“Writing is one-dimensional communication unless you consciously pull yourself into a 360-degree view and ask yourself, ‘How do I create a five-dimensional experience for the reader?’”

-Dan Kuschell

In this episode:

  • The SUBTLE ways we lose tonality, facial expressions and body language in print – and how to overcome it in writing!
  • The SUPER-FAST power of research, surveys and interviewing your audience BEFORE you write your message
  • Dan’s super-charged skills with crafting a COMPELLING offer and instigate a BUYER’S culture for your business
  • The 4 KEY components of persuasive writing to go an inch wide, a mile deep and catapult your revenue



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