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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Have you ever thought about the power and opportunity of curating a mastermind group of C-suite executives and business leaders? What sort of qualifications come to mind that you think you’d need to persuade them to join?

Executive coach John Murphy, founder of a mastermind called “A Life and a Living,” joins us to discuss the two edges of this sword. One is executive qualifications – it’s probably easier to do this if you’ve actually been a CEO, COO or senior leader in a company. But the other’s harder to define, because you actually aren’t looking to impress people but to confess to them.

In Chapter 7 of “Influencer Networking Secrets” the book, you’ll learn that the proper approach to curating your tribe is to have both; a list of skills and accomplishments as virtues, coupled with a raw, vulnerable and honest acknowledgment of your humanity and weakness.

“None of us can compartmentalize ourselves, so that ‘this bit of me’ turns up for work and ‘that bit of me’ stays home.” – John Murphy

In this episode:

  • John’s dizzying ascent from entry level life insurance salesman to CEO of Friends Provident – and how personal tragedy torpedoed his visit to the summit
  • Why we’re UNWISE to neglect dealing with people’s personal growth, even if we help them grow professionally
  • How you can dodge infection, avoid business failure or job loss during COVID-19 … and STILL encounter massive personal failure even if you do well at work!
  • The signs blood was shed and the streets that give cred – the CRITICAL pieces you need to start an executive mastermind!


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