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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

So you want to fire your boss, and according to most surveys, most bosses could at least use a pay cut.

Not so fast, argues Aaron McHugh, author of Fire Your Boss. In fact, in the chapter of his book we’re going to discuss, Aaron thinks you should keep your job … but fire your boss.

Aaron’s an executive coach and transformation specialist at Abernyk, a division of McKinsey and Company. He’s a master of teaching entrepreneurs, executives and teams how to mix work, family and personal life to optimal proportions. On recommendation from my friend Patrick Antonucci, I invited him on the show to reinforce Chapter Two of Influencer Networking Secrets (the book): “The Monastic Heart (Be a Magnet, Not a Pusher).

“Some, to escape discomfort, leave their natural surroundings behind, and with strong and continuous effort keep rising in social scale, to discover at every new ascent fresh trouble, as they think, awaiting them … whereas in truth they have brought the trouble with them. Making haste to be rich, they are slow to find out that the poverty of their souls will keep them unhappy.” 

  • George MacDonald

In this episode:

  • WHY you can’t just change your external environment to create happiness and flow state in your life and work
  • A quote from a 19TH CENTURY Scottish pastor shows how profound our internal dilemma is when it comes to finding joy and contentment
  • The TOP PERFORMER’S paradigm shift of thinking about life, work, relationships and experiences
  • What the headlines and business landscape reveal about our DEEP LONGING for work that’s transcendent, meaningful and engaging



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