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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

A pure titan joins me on today’s episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. Josh Tapp, host of The Lucky Titan Podcast and I go way back. I appeared on his podcast in November of 2019. This conversation is one of the best we’ve had. We dive deep into building connections and communities digitally. The importance of this has certainly increased in the time of COVID. You’ll hear Josh share some advanced group curation techniques. These are an excellent addition to the tips I share in Chapter 7 of “Influencer Networking Secrets” Let’s get things started!

• The best-kept secrets on how to get your products, offers and content in front of millions of people

• Pivoting when the chances of doing things “the way you’ve always done them” are exceedingly slim

• The exact steps to attract your first 100 raving fans online in 30 days

• How to fully dig in to all the tools and resources Josh provides access to




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