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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Fellow military man and mastermind aficionado Wes Woodhouse joins me on this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. Wes is driven to build up the next generation of leaders. With that goal in mind, he shows his peers and those under his command the value of attention to detail. Without such focus, fighter pilots are prone to mistakes. When you’re in a fighter jet battling the enemy, there’s no room for error. Wes is going to tell you how to bring your best self into any moment, no matter how stressful.


  • What REALLY GOES INTO the training and development of the world’s greatest aerial fighting force
  • How to REFUEL your ability to focus for longer periods of time
  • The untold benefits of FILM STUDY
  • Getting the BEST out of your group through leading by example










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