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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Former art dealer and current negotiation coach Alistair McBride is my guest on this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. We discuss the finer points of being a magnet, instead a pusher. This is a topic I cover heavily in Chapter 1 of Influencer Networking Secrets, the book. We’ll show you the advantages of being the person the other party needs you to be in negotiations. This works much better than trying to get everything you want all the time. You’ll also hear insight on:


  • How to know if you’re a NATURAL or a NICE, BUT NERVOUS Negotiator
  • How to understand the INVISIBLE CONNECTION people have to what you’re selling
  • The importance of dealing with PEOPLE IN BUSINESS, not BUSINESSPEOPLE
  • How to avoid OVERTHINKING and LOSING in Negotiations



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