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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

The co-founders of, Rock Felder and Zach Moreno join us for this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. These two have done something seriously special within the podcast industry. They’ve created a platform that allows podcast hosts to easily record podcasts remotely. They’re now introducing a new service helping folks stream and record high quality remote videos. With that, I wanted to have them on to talk about things you can do to take your podcast to the next level. Industry titans and the spoken word? You know I’m ready for this one!


  • IMPORTANT ACTIONS that will take your podcast to the next level
  • SUPERHERO Levels of engagement that can be reached by sharing podcasts over social media
  • PRACTICAL steps to take if you’re just starting or your podcast isn’t quite where you want it to be
  • INSPIRING stories of what can be done utilizing the SquadCast.FM platform










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