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Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

We’re excited to have with us Chris Niemeyer, one fourth of the Entrepreneurial Family Man Podcast and an advisor to entrepreneurs and executives to discuss the New American Dream.


Chris and I got to know each other through our mutual friend, Patrick Antonucci of the Dad Hackers community. Originally, Chris had a...

Nov 18, 2019

Imagine yourself as an introverted, analytical type of person, like my guest Brian Ahearn of InfluencePEOPLE confessed to being. Now imagine you’re appointed CEO of a large company. How do you deal with all the alpha dog personalities at the helms of various departments?

Brian and I pieced together a coherent way of...

Nov 11, 2019

There’s nothing like seeing special interest walls crumble in the free market. DiversyFund founder and CEO Craig Cecilio and his team are doing just that, using technology to enable ordinary Americans to get into multi-family real estate investing for as little as $500.

Growing up in adverse circumstances, Craig...

Nov 4, 2019

Much as his company, PayActiv, brought a powerful tide of noble ingenuity to bear on the longstanding problem of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, Safwan Shah’s interview on Influencer Networking Secrets built up to a rolling boil of eagerness to redeem a tradition marked by greed and negligence.


As no employer...